Where there is society, there is law. In order to live in society, mankind has to establish a set of governing principles.

Inscribed above the entrance to many law faculties, this maxim reminds us that any society is organized by underlying rules which are nowadays represented by the law.
But the law is nothing, unless you obtain justice.

That is the lawyer’s job, to defend and represent individuals and legal entities before our courts and tribunals.
Established in 1993, the Dupong, Krieps & Du Bois law office, is specialized in litigation, providing a comprehensive counselling, defence and judicial representation service.

A member of CYRUS ROSS INTERNATIONAL (GIEE), a network of lawyers with offices in most European countries, the DUPONG, KRIEPS & DU BOIS law office also offers rapid, efficient handling of international dossiers.

A detailed enumeration of the fields of law we specialize in can be found under the ‘Practice areas’ heading.

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